We are devoted to helping deprived children, and women & girls unlock their full potentials and live their best life stories

Who we are
What we do

Milat Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization based in Copenhagen and carrying out projects and programs in Cameroon.

It is devoted in supporting deprived children and their families in Cameroon and other countries.

Our activities are carried out using bold, strategic, sustainable and innovative local empowerment projects & advocacy.

Project funding comes from private family funds that is decided upon at the beginning of each year. To extend our reach, we accept donations and grants from individuals and donor agencies with shared mission and vision. As an operating foundation, we work with strategic partners to change the lives of children and women living in poverty through empowerment projects

Bertin Milat

"The single most important thing we want to focus on is identifying and
empowering those children who have had their childhood stolen from them."


Become a part of change support Milat Foundation, in order to empower less-privileged, the deprived, especially women and girls in Cameroon.


=> We provide Educational Opportunities to less-privileged Children through the provision of Educational Materials and Child Sponsorship.

=>We advocate for Child Health & Well-being, Children's Rights, Justice & Child Protection through - our Undergraduate Law and Nursing Scholarships, Annual Forum, and other periodic outreaches and campaigns.

=>We organise and sponsor Hygiene and Medical Outreaches



=> We Feed and Cloth Orphans in established Orphanages, and other Deprived Children living in extreme poverty.

=> We support Educational Institutions in marginalized local communities in the provision (or renovation) of safe and comfortable learning place for children to learn and grow.

=> We help impoverished Out-Of-School Girls and Single Mothers get out of poverty through our Vocational Skills Training (The Poverty to Prosperity *P2P*)Project

35 women & girls currently in our 9 months - 2 year vocational training program in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon

Milat Foundation